Over the last 10 years, Moondog Marketing has helped a number of educational clients in Scandinavia and the UK significantly improve their marketing.

Now we’ve put everything we’ve learned along the way into this free ebook, The Essential Guide to Marketing a School Online. These 40+ pages of tried-and-true insights give you everything you need to know in order to:

  • Increase the number of applicants to your school
  • Enhance your school’s reputation online
  • Expand your school’s brand awareness into both local and global markets

The Essential Guide to Marketing a School Online provides a step-by-step approach to creating a marketing strategy that’s tailored to the prospective students and parents your school needs to reach.

Build a strong online platform to help prospects find you online, understand your key offering and the value of your school with dynamic content. 

Building a platform

We'll hazard a guess that you could probably get more out
of your marketing budget than you already are. 


Write copy that search engines love, helping to drive highly targeted traffic to your website.


Convert visitors to your site to strong leads, genuinely interested in your school by developing a strategic marketing game plan.

Generating leads

Publish online content that helps you build trust, enhances your reputation, and helps you get found by potential parents and students.

Content Marketing

Develop and implement a strategic marketing plan that ties in with every aspect of your sales funnel.

Defining a USP

Put it all together with some Moondog Marketing know-how and watch those leads stream in.

Our Secret Formula

Some of the things covered in this ebook

About the Ebook

CEO & Founder

Jon Buscall

@2016 Moondog Marketing & Media AB

Once you start using the strategies outlined in The Essential Guide to Marketing a School Online, you can develop a strategic plan that will:

We walk you through the process of understanding your buyer personas, and then teach you how to tailor your content marketing, search engine optimization, and social media outreach to generate real results.

  • Significantly reduce your ad spend
  • Ensure your marketing budget is being spent targeting the right students and parents
  • Reduce duplicative work because you marketing efforts are aligned both internally and externally
  • Attract better applicants to your school, period

How much did you say you were spending on marketing for your school?


The Essential Guide to Marketing a School Online

Warning: If you're looking for marketing pie-in-the-sky philosophy and pablum, this book is not for you. But if you're a school professional who's serious about professionalizing your school's marketing, get ready to roll up your sleeves because this book is actionable from the get-go.

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